Shaping your raw ideas

N.S.Marble's background, excellent knowledge and experience in natural stones' field is demonstrated in the most evident way through its successful projects. Supported by the latest technologies and guided by highly motivated and qualified staff, the company has introduced a new profile that begins with suggestions, ideas and solutions on the architectural design part, proceeds to the careful choice of materials and ends up in the manufacturing of the products. A kitchen countertop, a marble floor, a granite facade, a massif washbasin or an elaborate fireplace can actually become reference points in every space. The company's specialized design department, through continuous research and systematic work organization, pays great attention to the unique details that highlight the character of each material, promoting innovative and flexible design. The endless presentation of new materials, the design evolution based on modern trends and the stone collection's variety, make N.S.Marble the preferred choice by architects and designers in the most complex projects.

From premium rough material to exclusive creations

N.S. Marble S.A. supplies the Greek and International market with marble, granite and other natural or artificial stone products, characterized by their excellent technical specifications and their competitive cost. Not only architectural designers, engineers etc. who are professionally involved in the construction can choose from a variety of materials; but end users themselves can also identify the physicochemical properties of the materials for their intended applications. During the products' processing, each stage is controlled to ensure high quality results according to international standards.


  • Blocks from selected Greek and International marbles, granites and other natural stones
  • Special shape and dimension massif, marble constructions
  • Marble, granite and other stone tiles
  • Bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles
  • Special dimensions for marble floors or wall installations
  • Special dimensions for yachts, hotels, temples, churches etc.
  • Marble stairs for indoor or outdoor use
  • Bathroom countertops,  kitchen countertops, shower trays, etc.
  • Marble bathroom basins, Marble kitchen sinks
  • Swimming pools (copings, drain grates, surrounding area)
  • Marble fireplaces, artistic details, columns, mosaics
Versatile nature of stone

Apart from the great toughness and durability, each stone relies its uniqueness on its granularity, color tone and veining. From the raw material to the final product, there is a series of treatments to pursue for the desired shape of each stone; cutting into various thicknesses and patterns, curved shapes, oblique cuts, formed edges etc. The uniqueness, the color variation and the diversity of the natural stones are complemented by the special surface treatment.

Traditionally widespread finishing is the polishing that creates a 'sparkling' stone, resulting in a shimmering effect with intense vivid color. Brushing, sandblasting and skapifran highlight the dynamism of the materials, offering a rough and anti-slip effect. The combed, bush-hammered and flamed finish give a harsh form that exudes sovereignty. Textures that have also prevailed are the matte finish with its unique simplicity in modern designs and the antique finish that manifests calmness and discretion.

Commitment - Professionalism - Flexibility

The successful completion of projects where natural stone is used, would be impossible without the expertise of the marble installation teams. From simple installations with traditional materials to challenging applications with specific support systems, specialized installation experts are always completing the demanding task of applying natural stones.

N.S.Marble undertakes the marble renovation of every space either by replacing, polishing and grinding marble or restoring and reconstructing any damage of the past. Experienced craftsmen with advanced machinery and top-quality materials can propose solutions and achieve dust-free marble polishing, mosaics' and marble floors' sanding, cleaning and sealing.

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