Inspired by nature

N.S. Marble S.A. was founded in 1991 being specialized mainly in the production, processing and trade of marble. Having Greek marble as a reference point and taking into account the expanding demands for a broader range of materials, the company progressively introduced to the market more decorative stones such as granite, quartz, onyx, sandstone, limestone and travertine. The company has been participating in international exhibitions, with its members designing new trends responding to the changing conditions of the world, expanding export business and stabilizing N.S.Marble's position in the stone industry by creating relationships rooted in trust with clients and suppliers around the world.

The company works with architects, civil engineers and decorators-designers focusing on the multifaceted examination of every construction.The wide range of colors and materials encompassing current and future trends, the competitive prices and the high level quality, let the company establish close partnerships with leading names of the field and participate in large-scale construction projects. Having full knowledge of its dynamics, experience and first-rate quality, the company meets the challenges of the industry and aims to meet the highest demands of its customers. The professionalism and the multilevel expertise give N.S.Marble the ability to continue its successful growth and become a durable force at the forefront of the worldwide marble industry.

The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has

According to Aristotle, art is imitation of nature. Marble, however, is bustling between nature and art, as from rough natural stone, it is being transformed to spectacular artworks. This unique remodeling property of natural stones was exploited from Greek Classical Antiquity to Renaissance and from Modernism to nowadays. Thus marble is not only a testimony of our technological development, as a raw material of ancient tools but also of civilization: the Parthenon, Hermes of Praxiteles,  Victory of Samothraki, Venus of Milos not only reveal their sculptural techniques but expose the fundamental principles of austerity, balance and symmetry of Ancient Greek culture.

N.S. Marble desires to share its own marble philosophy on the domestic and international market, a philosophy based on years of experience, on the talent of each individual member, but principally on the love for the marble itself as a material that can create genuine aesthetical results. The company's personnel seeks to develop trust relationships with customers, serving their design needs and respecting their preferences. At the same time, the company offers innovative, high-quality proposals stemming from the knowledge of modern technology, professional experience and systematic organization. The philosophy of the company is clear: Attention to Refined Detailing, Construction Perfection, Distinguished Aesthetics and Finest Quality.

Cutting Edge Technology, Constant Innovation, Utmost Precision

N.S.Marble operates in privately-owned facilities in the industrial zone of ​​Koropi, Attica. The company's headquarters house a specially designed exhibition space, administration offices and a vertical production unit. The advanced mechanical equipment of the factory, with the latest technology machinery, ensures the required precision in production, resulting always in high quality products in accordance with the international standards. Modern natural stone machines (CNC, cutting, polishing, sandblasting, artistic shaping, etc.) cover a wide range of innovative functions and fulfill even the most demanding design needs. The specialized staff takes advantage of the experience and technological know-how to ensure end products of guaranteed quality. The leading-edge processing facilities, the production control in each department and the very close contact with every customer contribute to the company's flexibility and credibility and guarantee the perfect service to the domestic and international market.

2nd km. National Road Peanias-Markopoulou 19 441 Koropi, Greece P.O. Box 69009
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